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Beta Handlebars

Our Beta handlebars come in a wide variety and have the capability to absorb shocks and vibrations. They provide you with both feel and fit while riding the bike.
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Installation Guide for Beta Frame Guards


Before you can begin swapping bike parts, you'll need to get to a safe environment. 

  1. Take pictures of the bike, specifically the handlebars.

  2. Get carbon paste (if the handlebars are made of carbon), Loctite, a torque wrench, a thread lock, and an Allen key.

  3. Get everything off the handlebars.

  4. Dismantle the old handlebars. You must remove the bolts attaching the handlebars to the stem using the Allen key. Make sure you know where you're putting all those bolts; you will need them later.

  5. Put the new handlebars on the stem. Make sure they slide on exactly as the old ones did so you can have the same comfort as before. 

  6. Put in the bolts and tighten them – but not all the way! You need some give so you can adjust the handlebars for your preferred fit.

  7. At each bolt, add carbon paste if the new handlebars are carbon-based. If not, you will want to add a drop of Loctite.

  8. Use the pictures you took of your handlebars to adjust your handlebars. Alternatively, you can look up the factory settings.

  9. To make sure your handlebars stay leveled, you should finish tightening up your bolts in an X pattern. 

  10. Put back on all the things you took off your handlebars and tighten


FAQs on Beta Handlebars


Which size handlebars do I need?

That will depend on your height and how far apart your shoulders are. You can either look up the manufacturer's guide or get yourself measured at a bike store to check what's the best fit for you.

Can I use straight handlebars on any bike?

Technically, yes, but they might not always be ideal. For example, on road bikes, straight handlebars will get in the way of the shifters and brakes.