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Beta Frame Guards

With Beta frame guards, we provide the ultimate protection for your motorcycle's frame. Our durable guards are custom-designed to shield against wear and tear. They ensure your ride stays pristine on even the toughest terrains.
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Benefits of Using Frame Guards


  • Protection: During a crash or even a simple fall, part of your bike can be affected. To reduce the likelihood of damage to things like your radiator and engine, use frame guards.

  • Aesthetic: Frame guards can seem a bit superficial, but to maintain your bike's factory finish, they're essential.

  • Minimize Repair: With frame guards, you not only protect your bike from damage but also reduce the number of repairs you need.

  • Longevity: They will keep your bike operating longer. Every damage that your bike gets potentially shortens its life. With frame guards, you can minimize that.


How to Choose the Right Frame Guard for Your Beta Motorcycle


As much as frame guards cost a fraction of your bike's price, you shouldn't pick just any. When you're picking frame guards, everything from fit to material durability matters.


You want your frame guards to be sturdy. They should be made of a material that can take a few hits and won't dent or break at a small collision.


Frame guards come in a wide range of prices. As much as the cheaper end may entice you, you should consider its other specs, too.

Vehicle Specific

Most frame guards are made for one vehicle specifically. Check their description, which is appropriate for your motorcycle. Other bikes with similar bodywork might also work for your bike, so you can look at them to see what else is compatible with your bike.


FAQ Section

How long has Wilson been selling beta parts?

While the Wilson family has been working on motorcycles since the early 20th century, they added  Beta motorcycles to their line up in 2019.

When will my parts arrive?

Though we can't guarantee a date, they will arrive on a weekday. Though we have hundreds of parts, if we need to order one, it may take a day or two to be shipped to our warehouse. We will then ship it to you.

How much does the delivery cost?

For orders up to $74.99, it's $8. Above that price tag, the delivery is free.